Meet Sherry

I stand today as Grandmother from where a long journey was taken. From age 12 I became a “stand in mother” to my siblings as our home was emptied from the loving touch of our mother. It happened overnight however I was left with a destiny to discover the truth between two worlds. My Mom came to visit me following the night of her transition, standing by my bedside, telling me it was ok to go to sleep and that everything would be OK. In that moment the confusion cleared, I thought “That’s right I must have had a bad dream,” went to sleep with her presence all around me. The next day as I walked towards the kitchen, I hit a wall of grief and met the bad dream. Was I asleep or awake? Who was going to believe me or listen to me? I not only saw Mom last night but felt her presence and her loving voice had reassured me. Confusion and withdrawal flooded in, but I kept watch. Yes, I was looking for the truth.

By the time I was 13 I denounced God and the church we had attended where my Mom had taught Sunday school and all the hypocrites that said they were my Mom’s friend. I had found no truth within anyone and I became even more of a watcher than ever before.

I had always had a way with animals and now I was using that energy whenever I could to help and make others feel better. I could sit with the energy and somehow make a difference.

Fast forward to age 50 when my spiritual journey began to track me down through haunting thoughts of “What is life all about anyway?” I began to detach from the stuff that wouldn’t matter 1 week from the day it was happening. I began to streamline my thoughts. It felt like I might fall of the planet due to a disconnection to mainstream.

I had always been one to follow my gut and what felt right, felt true for me. But now everything was growing into some sort of illuminated unfoldment. I was magnetically being pulled into it. I was waking up. My truth bell was ringing off the hook and the time was “NOW.”

You will heal the healers was a message that came to me, but I honestly did not know what that meant. I eventually came to understand that I am here as an energy healer and a teacher, a way shower.

I AM now, Grandmother, I have unfolded all that is true in me, while recognizing “Who Am I?”, so many blessings have been placed at my feet.

My journey from “WHO AM I?” to “I AM” is what makes me possible to support those who are searching. Searching for truth between the two worlds we are possible in; physical to non-physical .

My destiny passage is as an intuitive healer to teacher to master-ship.