Meet Sherry

Sherry Laine Dreger is the space keeper of this spiritual place called Pegasus Ranch. Over the years of gaining knowledge from teachers in the field of energy healing he pursuit for self healing has turned into the expansion of healing for others. The seasons bring about many workshops for sharing in as does the weekly spiritual advancement classes offered. Sherry’s passion is EMPOWERMENT for all those who come for teachings or healing, so that they may go forward and share the same gifts of advancement. LOVE – WISDOM – POWER is the true balance of self infused in PEACE and harmony.

Come find more of yourself in the safe surroundings of Pegasus Ranch & Healing Centre. Listen to your hearts calling, you will find your true purposeful self standing right before YOU!!!


I am the Dreamweaver between heaven and earth.                                                                                                                                                            At night when I sleep, the Dreamweaver joins the white flying horse, Pegasus who goes between heaven and  earth. Pegasus is a message carrier and represents ancient wisdom and power.
As I make my journey to heal Mother Earth , my brothers and sisters in need, I gain the knowledge through humility that I am the instrument of Creator.